I’m so proud of my husband, Drew. He has worked very hard to fashion a unique location where customers, who often become friends, can see where and how their jewelry is produced, whether by hand or on the computer. Find out why we’ve decided to proudly put our family name on every piece of jewelry we create.

Kammie Rummell
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Drew and Kammie Rummell have built a family business based on trust, honesty and hard work. In 2008, Drew graduated from Regis University with a Bachelor of Science in Neurology. He’d always wanted to be a business owner, and had always been interested in technology. When he was ready to propose to Kammie, he had his wedding ring set custom designed by John Hanson. Back then, Hanson was doing wax work by hand, and Drew was intrigued. After being a customer and going through the most important purchase of his life, he enjoyed the process so much that he offered to buy Hanson’s jewelry business.

About to embark on the second most important purchase of his life, part of the deal when taking over Glasmann & Hanson was that John Hanson would stay on, and Drew would apprentice under him. Now 8 years, two locations and a name change later, RUMMELL continues to enjoy an upscale clientele in the Ken Caryl area of Jefferson County, Colorado.


Charles F. Glasmann Jewelers was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1945 shortly after the end of World War II by a veteran of the war, Charlie Glasmann. Mr. Glasmann had a small shop in the heart of Denver and focused on commercial accounts and custom repair. A young salesman named John Hanson came along in the early 1970s and apprenticed under Charlie and purchased the store in 1973. He would later change the name to Glasmann and Hanson Jewelry and focus more on retail custom jewelry.

The current owner, Drew Rummell, first heard about John’s store through mutual friends at church and met John when he came to the shop to design an engagement ring for his future wife. Through a series of providential events, Drew and his wife bought the store from John in 2011. He apprenticed under John to learn the jewelry trade and has since learned the disciplines of Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) and casting techniques to produce original jewelry pieces that perfectly cater to our customers.

“I love taking in the passions of my customers and creating something unique and elegant that will be cherished for a lifetime.”
-Drew Rummell

As we continue the tradition that started with Charlie Glasmann and continued through John Hanson, our goal is to help our customers design something intensely personal and unique. Send us an email with a design idea or give us a call to find out how we can create the perfect piece of jewelry for your occasion and lifestyle.