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Our passion is taking a unique idea and creating something beautiful for our clients. From start to finish, you have a hand in the entire process. Technology has taken us from Idea to Sketches to Wax to Jewelry and has evolved to include time-saving, accurate Computer Aided Design to create the perfect ring, pendant or any other piece of jewelry our imaginations can think of.

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You already do everything together. Design the perfect engagement ring and wedding band set to complement your relationship. We have all of the latest styles with unlimited design options available. Your creation may start with the stone or the metal. Whichever angle you take, we will guide you through it.

My purpose is to give you the most relevant information to make informed decisions. Ultimately the choice is yours.


Certain moments in life are hard to capture completely. Let us do it for you. Our unique jewelry line, Heartprints, beautifully captures your baby’s footprint or handprint into a 3D pendant you will cherish for a lifetime.

Bring in or send us a photo or scan of your baby’s footprint or handprint, and we’ll mold it into a beautiful piece of jewelry. The process is simple. After milling the wax, we cast your personalized piece into gold, silver or platinum. This pendant is a beautiful and unique way to keep those that hold your heart, near it.

This perfect gift for mom, grandma, or aunt keeps those they love close to their heart. You can even engrave a name on the other side.

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