A Diamond's Journey

vintage, antique, Unique jewelry, Custom Design, Unique bandsDrew Rummell

If diamonds could speak, they would tell stories that would put romance novels and romantic comedies to shame. The diamond in the ring pictured above was handed down three generations. Imagine the stories, to hear the first proposal to a young girl from a boy in love, to what it was like when they had their first child. The highs as well as the lows of lives lived together for more than fifty years, to the day when the ring was passed down to the child or grandchild.


Heirloom diamonds carry memories that last generations, but even our small diamonds carry deep sentimental value. A diamond that was given out of an abundance of love, but poverty of pocket, has value to the recipient that is hard to give away after years of wear, even when a larger diamond is given. The journey pendant above is one that we made to be worn daily to commemorate the years built together in the commitment of marriage.


Still others are a daily reminder of the love of a lifetime lost too soon. The romance of life is something easy to overlook, but the reminder of a keepsake, in this case a diamond, reminds us of the beauty in the everyday. When we look at these things we wear, the real value isn’t in how much they’re worth, but in the significance of what they represent.

All three of these pieces were made from “old” pieces of jewelry that weren’t worn anymore due to style or circumstance. It’s a shame to leave these memories in a drawer or a safe to be forgotten, when they can be re-purposed and made into something that will be worn daily which, even though beautiful in and of themselves, carry with them a deeper meaning. Love. Life. Memories. Romance.