Loved our experience designing a ring and incorporating precious and memorable pieces of family heirlooms. Drew knows how to translate your heart’s desires into fabulous works of art that will leave you breathless!
— Toni Koelpin
The Custom Process.png


Our goal at RUMMELL is to make the custom jewelry process as simple and straight forward as possible. Here are the steps…

We start by asking, “Do you have something in mind?” “Have you seen something you like?” “Do you have a stone preference? Diamond, sapphire, or a particular color of stone?” “Do you have a stone shape in mind?”

At RUMMELL we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to help design the piece you've described so you can see what it will look like and we can make adjustments and further customization.

We go through the design process together with our customers and come up with the perfect design for them.


Once we have completed your complimentary design you will receive a quote for your project. Compare it with our out-of-the-case pieces and see which you prefer.

The CAD software has an estimator built in that factors in stone types and qualities and various metal options so you know exactly what it will cost up front - that day.

Once the design is perfect and approved by you, we’ll quote the custom piece. We believe communication is key, so there won’t be any surprises.

Then we get to work. The time to completion of your custom piece is 10-14 business days. Need flexibility? Let us know, and we’ll work out a payment plan that works for you.


We then move on to the 3d print stage and make the wax for the mold. Then we cast in the metal of your choice.

Once completed, we clean and polish on the bench to prepare the design for mounting your stones.  There is a lot of craftsmanship and delicate work to make sure the piece looks like the design we’ll create together. 

We then smooth the rough edges and give it a high polish. Then we set the stones. Stone setting is meticulous work.  We make sure to set them correctly and securely. After the stones are set, we do one more round of polishing for presentation. Voilà!